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Are Flexible Workspaces the key to Retaining & Attracting Top Talent in the Philippines?

October 16, 2019    |     Marella Gimenez

The business landscape of the Philippines continues to evolve as both local and foreign direct investments forge ahead in establishing operations in the country.

With business competitiveness expanding, companies have learned that in order to attract and retain top talent they need to add amenities beyond the basics to attract employees and show the company’s concern for their well being. A recent study by a workspace and talent provider, KMC Solutions, has begun looking into a modern type of offices than the traditional office that can attract not only Filipino young talent but also other professional employee. The study will show all the aspects of the best workspace that young talents looked for.


A Unique Study on Today's Workforce

This arising trend of innovative workspace design has gained the attention of the young talent pool and future workforce. Because of this, KMC conducted a research study to better understand the factors which influence employer selection and the types of office features employees look for in the future with a sample size of 400 respondents.

Ultimately, to find out the preferred work style and workspace set up to attract and retain effective Philippine talents and employees.

KMC Preferred Workspace Study Ebook - Survey Profile

This study educates its readers on what flexible workspace is really all about and the modern-day advantages this could have to companies and employees. Being made aware of these advantages provides employers more options on how to place a worker’s comfort in the forefront and culminate directly affecting important predictors of efficiency, such as productivity and job satisfaction. 



The first of its kind research on the Filipino Workforce answers the questions on why this office real estate niche has become a key factor in increasing work productivity among employees and why large companies are adapting this kind of office set up. It helps to familiarize the readers with:

• Flexible workspace terminologies & functions

• Impressions it leaves on employees about employers

• Office space design & features that are important to Filipinos

• How these designs affect their perception of work and their employers

It also provides expert commentary from several specialists of various industries. Architects, interior designers and even business development managers, all give valuable consumer insights and opinions to help back up the data shown and better inform the readers.  



Flexible Options for Modern-day Needs

Through this study, fresh graduates looking to work for the first time will be informed of what elements to consider when searching for an employer and office suitable to their needs. It highlights the differences and similarities between the current and future workforce regarding these motivators and how flexible options can help provide for both demographics. This will prove as a useful encouragement for employers as well to develop and modernize not only their space, but also their thinking in order to meet the expectations of future candidates.

Other types of workspaces that fit the flexible conditions of today's workforce makes businesses become more adaptable, such as:

  • Coworking space - an area where multiple small companies share a common area but have separate private mini rooms.
  • Private office - companies who own redundant office space rent out its work stations to smaller companies.
  • Virtual office - allows usage of business address without physical presence.


The study KMC has conducted stresses the importance of finding the perfect balance between efficiency and creative, innovatively designed workspace and it ultimately aims to highlight the needs of the modern workforce. Meeting these needs have helped in shaping the flexible workspaces of today and provide both companies and employees with more alternatives.  


To learn more about this study, download the e-book here:

Download Ebook

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Posted by Marella Gimenez


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