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Why Work Flexibility is the Key to Retaining Talent

August 6, 2019    |     Kyle Edriel Tomagan


The daily grind at work is a mundane challenge for all of us. The younger faction of Millennials, as well as the older half of Generation Z highly value work flexibility, and they aren’t shy about letting companies worldwide know about their preferences. Even older generations such as Gen X and the Boomers lean towards mobile work in today’s business environment.

A 2018 survey showed that 97% of 3,000 respondents believed that flexible work would have a positive impact on their overall quality of life. Moreover, 31% of the same respondents said they would quit a job that didn’t have flexible terms. Globally, it’s clear that employees truly want more flexible work, but why is that the case?

Today, we’ll look into why people prefer flexibility at work and how this can influence your decision in choosing the ideal office space that’ll give your employees the mobility they need to stay effective at work, while keeping them engaged.


Understanding the Employees of Today

KMC Gamma pantry and coworking area August

The first point to consider is the rapidly rising inclination towards remote work, and flexible work trends in general. A Leadership IQ survey found that 83% of mobile workers, employees who have a designated office space and the option to work from home, preferred that kind of arrangement compared to traditional office setups.

As more and more Millennials and Gen Zs populate the global workforce, you might find a common trend as your second factor to consider: they love to spend time on themselves. This means hobbies, time with loved ones, and travel. In fact, Millennials love to travel so much that lodging brands have begun to launch marketing strategies aimed towards them.

Given these trends, you need to implement strategies and workplace initiatives that give your employees more “me time” while ensuring that they still deliver quality output. This is where flexible workspaces shine brightest, as it is the most effective office layout in promoting work flexibility.


Flexible Workspace: The Actual Key to Retaining Talent

If flexibility is the metaphorical key to retaining talent, then flexible workspace is its physical counterpart. Flexible workspaces in Metro Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Iloilo boast both private offices for rent and coworking spaces, providing both a walled and open office for employees.

KMC Gamma pantry bar and coworking area August

But while flexible workspace is easier to find than ever before, finding a provider that has wide coverage is difficult. While it’s possible for you to have to have mobile work arrangements for your employees, you may have several payments to make as most serviced office and coworking providers are limited to specific locations.

If you’re looking to create a truly mobile work experience for your employees, it’s good to utilize a flexible workspace in addition to giving them work-from-home options. KMC provides flexible workspaces in multiple buildings around Metro Manila, Cebu, and Clark that allows employees to enjoy working on-the-go and pick the facility that’s closest to them. For more information, click on the link below.


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