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Cebu: The IT-BPM Outsourcing Destination Alternative to Manila

October 25, 2018    |     Kyle Edriel Tomagan

Cebu: A Rapidly Rising IT-BPO Destination

 Cebu City Skyline

Cebu is widely known as the most popular IT-BPO city outside of Metro Manila. The province has been in a period of modernization for decades. Today, Cebu is not only a tourist destination, but an IT-BPO and call center hotspot for many companies that want to establish a headquarters outside of the heavily congested National Capital Region.

Most of the modern developments in Cebu have been focused in one area: Cebu IT Park. Boasting numerous Grade A buildings and commercial areas, this IT Park is one of the Philippines’ best, comparable to Alabang, Eastwood, and even BGC in terms of infrastructure and amenities.

Office Spaces and Buildings

 Cebu City

Cebu IT Park is home to numerous office buildings. Skyscrapers such as the modern Skyrise 4B and the Skyrise line of buildings in the district are all high quality office locations that offer commercial office space for rent. Aside from these establishments, KMC Savills states that there are 61 other PEZA-accredited buildings located in and around the Cebu IT Park.

On a provincial scale, Cebu is also one of the few provinces that have flexible workspaces. A growing industry in the Philippines, flexi spaces have largely been limited to cities within Metro Manila, but the presence of flexible workspaces in Cebu have given both multinationals and startups in the province access to a unique working environment where collaboration and productivity are boosted. KMC’s flexible workspace facility in Skyrise 4 is one of the first flexi-spaces in the area, offering coworking space and private offices.

English-proficient Talent


Cebuanos are regarded as better English speakers than Manilenos, giving them a considerable edge in the IT-BPO and call center industries. Call centers require English-proficient manpower with neutral accents and Cebu’s deep talent pool can provide fluent employees who are skilled in both verbal and written English.

Less Traffic, More Productivity

Due to the comparatively low traffic rate of Cebu vs. Metro Manila, Cebu IT Park is one of the best business locations for companies looking to stay away from congestion in the metro.

The total traffic index for Metro Manila is 283.77, considerably larger than that of Cebu (141.47).

Lesser traffic may also mean better work performance. In terms of health, Cebu has a slight advantage over Metro Manila due to its lower CO2 emission index. Getting to work and back home earlier also contributes to higher levels of satisfaction, keeping employees driven to work hard.

While Metro Manila is still the ideal IT-BPO destination in the country, Cebu offers many of the same amenities and with lesser congestion as a bonus. These factors, along with continued investment in Cebu IT Park, are what make Cebu one of the best outsourcing destinations outside of Metro Manila.







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